We would like to express the most sincere gratitude to the following people individually or bound up in institutions for the support they've given us in seeing this project through. First and foremost, we would like to thank our families for their support.

Shout-out and kudos to Jeremiah Dickey. We benefited from his own quadcopter project which you can read about here. His site was probably one of the first few that we read.

We would also like to thank Moses Bangura, Marco Melega, Roberto Naldi and Robert Mahony from Australian National University, University of Bologna for their immense help in working through math required for momentum theory. You can read their work here.

Our appreciation goes out to the people at Hyperion for empirically deriving prop constants and for the power as a function of rotational speed equation. You can read about their work here and also here.

Thanks to APC for providing detailed performance data on their propellers. You can get that data here.

A huge thank you to John B. Brandt, Robert W. Deters, Gavin K. Ananda, and Michael S. Selig over at UIUC for their great work testing propellers. You can read about their work here. Make sure to check out their references on this page too!

And last but not least we'd like to give a shout-out to Brad Hughey who posted extensively over on DIY Drones. You can find his page here.

You may attempt to contact us here.

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